Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

So I have really let this blog fall the the wayside, but I finally found some time to post something! It may be two am, and I may have to work in a few hours, but oh well. Sleep can always be had later.

I am really quite excited to start work on a couple of at home projects I plan to do soon. A couple of cakes, a few for random fun and practice. The first and the one I can`t wait to start on is an Alice in Wonderland cake. My friend Nelly has suggested we do a Alice in Wonderland themed Halloween and since then, I've been thinking a lot on that. I watched the movie the other day for the first time since I was five and I've been very tempted to pick up the books.

I've suddenly gone crazy for all things Alice. Hence, I am quite excited about making an Alice cake. It's only half formed in my mind, but I would like to start working on the fondant figures in the day few days. I'll post photos of my progress as I go.

Look forward to it!