Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Nelly!

So it was my friend Nelly's birthday the other day and this was the cake I made for her. I loved the chance to try a tiered cake for once and was quite happy with how it turned out.

It was two ten inch devil's food chocolate cakes on the bottom, one and a half layers of eight inch white cake in the middle, and a four inch chocolate cake on top. Chocolate icing in between all the layers, and cream cheese icing on the outside.

I kept it very simple with the decorations, just a purple swag with small shell borders. Piped petal flowers and vine completed it quite quickly.

Then came the time to show it to the birthday girl... She came, she saw... and she dropped her cake flat on the floor. Here is what it looked like after it fell. That is the birthday girl in the top corner, sitting on the floor with her cake.

We still used it in the celebration though, not much else we could do and the mood was kept light. It was no ones fault, just a crappy accident. And as Nelly said, next time she won't be the one to carry the cake. ^_^

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